Hi, it's me, Pascal.

Born in the city of Heerlen at March 3th 1966 so figure my age.
Live on my own in the soutern part of the Netherlands
No Wive, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Dog or Cat,
not even a TV-set !

The Pascal way of moving

Nekaf M38A1

Piper PA28 Warior

What I like :
playing Music (piano, synth, guitar), old militairy vehicles, old fashioned HF radio's, boy's,
Motorcycling, Flying aeroplanes, Levi's jeans, beefsteak, Linux, animals, my friends
Work, computers, Baseball cap's, electronics, hamradio

My Radio-Shack.
No, Radio isn't wireless at all,
And no, there is no reason to cleanup !

What I hate :
Traffic jams, taxes, TV (So I don't have one)

What I realy hate :
mosquito's, M$-Windows.
What am I affraid of
The unknown,
loosing people I love

That's all Folk's !

Your's truly Pascal.